Through sustainable practices and re-use of recovered materials I work to create beauty as a reflection of the natural environment as well as highlight cultural systems through community-integration and interactive place-making. My personal work is inspired by my Finnish American Heritage created with respect and adoration of nature and creativity as an essence of human existence produced by design. My works are guided by inspiring “awe” and wonder and a connection to the natural in the audience experience.

Through Arts facilitation, I utilize Restorative Practices, integration of Science Technology, Math, Arts, and Engineering (STEAM), Maker Ethos, and open-source skill-share philosophy to integrate fine motor skill development into expressionary practices. I work and facilitate integration of communities to create art with a variety of mediums including: textiles, fashion, accessories, painting, screen-printing, letterpress, woodworking, bookbinding, large-scale murals, ceramics, and installations. A majority of facilitation work highlights systems of oppression and cycles of liberation. Facilitation work is done through intensive collaboration with the utilization of public spaces. Through these cohesive attempts at inclusion we can use the Arts as a tool and a language to express, share, ease our social ails through purposeful connection, and create a brilliant future. I believe all society has a right to equal access and participation in the Arts.